Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  1. General considerations.

The hotel rules are based on the International Hotel Rules adopted by the International Hotel Association.

The hotel rules have the meaning of an informal contract between the hotel and its clients.

  1. Need for availability and application of hotel rules.

The necessity of the availability and application of hotel rules is due to the following circumstances:

- settlement of the relationship between the hotel and its clients regarding their stay at the hotel;

- the need to create optimal conditions for complete rest and relaxation of the guests;

- ensuring the safety and security of the guests;

- preservation of the property of the hotel;

- save the hotel's good name;

- compliance with the rules of common morality;

- observance of certain sanitary and hygienic standards;

- comply with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  1. Rules to be followed by guests when staying at the hotel:

- the hotel's guests are responsible for any damage caused to the hotel's furnishings and inventory, as well as the lack of part of it, damages are paid at prices set by the hotelier.

- guests are not allowed to use their own electric heaters in their room and import food products into it.

- bulky items (eg bikes), bad smells, flames and explosives are not allowed in the hotel building.

- taken hotel property (towels, sheets, blankets, glasses, etc.) outside the hotel is not allowed. Relocation of property is not allowed.

- the hotel does not accept guests with pets.

- guests of the hotel should keep quiet during the afternoon break from 13:00 to 16:00 and a night break from 22:00 to 08:00.

- customers must adhere to generally accepted hygiene and hotel standards.

  1. Obligations of guests guaranteeing their security.

- any newcomer must submit a personal data for registration and prove identity with passport or other ID document;

- when leaving the room, customers must close the windows, turn off the air conditioners and lock the room and hand over the key to the reception desk.

- the hotel provides a safe deposit box for money and valuables for guests in any room or reception, the hotel is not responsible for the personal belongings and valuable objects of the guests left in the rooms occupied by them;

- it is not acceptable to have outsiders in guest rooms, but by decision of the hotel management, it may be allowed under certain conditions, eg. security reasons or medical assistance (all outsiders will require to prove their identity at reception with passport or other ID document);

- when leaving the hotel room, the guest is obliged to personally present the key from the room and formally declare that he leaves the hotel.

  1. Employees' duty to comply with the rules and ensure hotel security and safety.

All hotel employees:

- caring for the property, security and peace of the hotel guests;.

- control the admission of outsiders;

- provide a room key only to persons presenting a proper ID document;

- take care of proper key storage;

- use, preserve and store hotel property with the care of good owners;

- keeping money and valuables to guests, strictly following the instructions for doing so;

- observe established fire regulations and behavioural guidelines for extreme situations.

- do not provide confidential information about hotel guests;

- do not visit the hotel outside the hotel except restaurant and pool during off-days;

- when entering and leaving a shift, enter and leave only at the service entrance;

- employees are not allowed to bring their relatives, acquaintances and children to their workplace;

- it is forbidden to use phones, tablets and laptops for personal calls, games and social networks;

- it is not allowed to discuss personal and business issues with customers, as well as comments about the company, colleagues and hotel guests.

The personal luggage of employees on leaving the work is subject to inspection by officials designated for that purpose.

  1. Final provisions

All hotel guests must comply with these Regulations at any time from check-in to check-out. A guest's refusal to comply with these Regulations leads to the termination of the hotel's services for that guest.

Workers and employees of the hotel must be familiar with these Regulations when entering into an employment contract and adhere to them as a job instruction. The actions of the workers in breach of these Regulations are grounds, depending on the consequences, for the following disciplinary punishments: "remark", "dismissal warning" and "disciplinary dismissal" under Art. 330, para. 2, item 6 of the Labor Code of Bulgaria.